Gambit, D22, sail no 49

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Subject: Sail no 49
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005 16:25:28 -0000

Thanks for the interesting and useful website.

As a project I recently bought (cheaply) Gambit, a Dockrell 22 sail number 49. She is in rather poor condition but working on her will keep me off street corners when back in the UK (I also have a 30 foot catamaran in the Med). Gambit is moored at Hardley Dyke on the River Yare about 11 miles inland from Great Yarmouth, where the attached photo was taken.

The standard of fit-out clearly indicates that she was originally supplied as a set of bare mouldings and an early job will be to stop rain (collected by the closed hatch) dripping from various points in the cabin roof. A doghouse is the answer I think, and it's nice to stand to put your trousers on!

However, the main intention of the project is not to rescue a Dockrell 22 but to play with alternative sailing rigs so I am currently assembling a junk rig whose unstayed mast will stand about 3.5 feet forward of the standard one. If you know of anyone who needs an elderly but complete standard rig in, well, OK condition then I'm your man.

Good sailing

Philip Corridan
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Re: Gambit, D22, sail no 49

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I believe I am now the owner of this 22. Still junked rigged, still going strong but needs work. This will be done in the off season later this year.

I would like to install a diesel engine. Do you have any recomendations?
Is was thinking under the companionway.


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