Sail number / age of boat

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Bill W
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Sail number / age of boat

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A friend and I have just purchased Dockrell 17 with a sail number of 66, can anyone advise the aproximate date of manufacture? I am currently undertaking some minor repairs and cosmetic improvements, I will try and post some pictures when complete. I also have a colour brochure that came with the boat, I think that it is a later one than the one posted here, if it is of interest I could get copy.

Bill W
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a belated reply

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Thought I'd post a reply and keep these pages alive, dunno what has happened to all the Dockrells built in the UK, or their moulds.

PBO magazine have a 1980 test sail of one, next mention was in March 1992 but none after.

I have a D17, No.175 the 1985 Boatshow model, purportedly. The firm finished building boats in the early 90's with a D17 somewhere around 200 or so.

The internal webbing, glassed in ply, will need looking at, water goes in via the ply topped anchor locker and hence everywhere else, I'm fitting waterproof hatches after fitting new webbing. No other major problems.
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