Dockrell 27 / Hurley 27

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Dockrell 27 / Hurley 27

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I wonder if you would mind putting a link on your site to the Hurley
Owners Association?
We don't want to poach any of your members but would loveto hear from your members and anyone interested in the Dockrell 27.
The 27 started out in life as the Bowman 26. She was designed by Ian
Anderson in 1963. The design was boat by Hurley Marine and Ian
re-designed the superstructure to give more headroom.

Dockrell was the Hurley agent for the USA.
After Hurley went bust in 1974 Dockrell bought the H27 moulds and
changed the keel to a wing/shoal draught keel.

For a very short time I worked for Dockrell in Tavistock. I lived in
Plymouth at the time (1985).I later worked for Hurlwind, the builder of the Hurley 22R.

I hope that we can work together?
We hold a rally each year and your association would be very welcome to join us.

A chap called Bob Grace has just contacted me to join the HOA. He has just bought a Dockrell 17. Would you mind emailing him please?

Yours sincerely
Nick Vass Vice Chairman. HOA

Would you mind putting a link to my own site? I'm a marine surveyor. I specialise in classic yachts and give a huge discount to any boat remotely or tediously linked to anything Hurley.

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Dave - -

After bookmarking your Dockrell site 2 months ago, I've finally registered. I look forward to using the resources and participating in the forums.

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