New owner & hull number query

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New owner & hull number query

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Hi all,
I purchased my Dockrell 17 back in march and have been trying to insure it. The underwriters require a specific year of manufacture for the boat. Can anyone help me to number and date it please?
The rig has been changed to a gaff rig, so no sail number, and I have no idea where the hull number will be.
There is no after locker as per the plans and it doesn't look like it has ever had one.
Anyway, my boat is pretty tatty, collects water, and the self drainer doesn't seem to work. When you're standing in the boat after you've just pumped it out, the waterlevel in the pipe is level with thecdeck and you'll get wet feet. But the water level in the drain is about an inch below the top after spending the day sailing. Strange. I have bought a boom tent for it and eventually hope to have my own 'Roger Barnes' overnight excursions!
I'm based in Cornwall and the boat is in Falmouth.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: New owner & hull number query

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In answer to your question to my knowledge there is no build numbers on the D17 and the self draining only drains when the boat is under way. If an out board is left on board it must be tilted forward with the prop out the water to shift the balance forward to allow the boat to self drain if left on a mooring. Have owned my D17 for 36 year's. Also a large number of D17s were sold as part built for home completion not built to the plans in the brochure.
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