New Member with Rudder Question

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New Member with Rudder Question

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Hello All,

How nice to find this list! I purchased my D22 from Mr. Dockrell (senior) in 1981 in New Jersey. This was after a cross-country trip from California spent visiting various trailer-sailor factories. My poor boat has been laid up on its trailer (a single axle EZ-Loader) for several years after a miscreant stole my rudder! Does anyone know of a source for parts or plans? Mr. Dockrell informed me the rudder had a stainless steel plate inside (felt like it) and the rudder's external dimensions were fashioned using NACA [sic?] design formula. I've many pleasant memories sailing the Channel Islands off Southern California (diving for lobster) as well as sailing in my own backyard of Monterey Bay, California.

Thanks in advance,

Lawrence Moore
Prunedale, CA, USA
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